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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sucker! You Bought It! Sucker!

What have we done with 'women's equality'? We have gone from a system where one man's income was sufficient to raise a family, to a system where a husband's and wife's joint incomes are needed to raise the family. The standard of living has been cut in half since the Sixties. More than half actually, because we no longer have the nice homes and services and safe parks and playgrounds that depended on at-home mums.

Far worse in my opinion, young people are no longer being fast-tracked to maturity, but kept in dependancy: distracted with glitzy fabrications: all the while the corporate media giving us this rigmarole about 'wimminz eekwollitee wimminz eekwollitee'. Always the symbol: Never a word about the reality of working couples.

We have been sweet-talked out of our birthright. We had a champion 2400 square foot studio apartment. And some real estate sharpie talked us into trading it for a one bedroom apartment. So much nicer! Anyone would rather have a one-bedroom apartment. Studios are so confining. One bedroom apartments are much nicer: They offer superior life-styles. And we sold up, and bought the one bedroom. And it's a dump. It's 400 square feet. The living room is smaller than our old bathroom. The so-called 'bedroom' is a windowless cupboard smaller than the old can. (Remember when the can was separate from the bathroom?) And we bought it. Sucker! You bought it!

The entire 'women's equality' argument was couched in those terms. Do we believe in women's equality or do we think women are inferior? There was no mention of family: just the symbol. We were sold women's equality, but we bought working couples.

Go back to the Sixties. The unions were coming on strong, drawing much of their power from the idea that men as breadwinners were entitled to good jobs. The corporations determined to exploit women to break the men. Working couples were good for the economy. Two-income households increased the price of housing. Govt workers could double up. Pensioners could double-dip. Feminising the workforce required more management. Working couples are a social disaster. Feminism suited all the great anti-social interests: management, property values, govt workers, pensioners, minorities. Media social control consists in focussing on symbols to the exclusion of reality. And anyone who objects gets steamrollered.


Male is sexual life. Male is good. Male is sanity.
Neuter is castration. Neuter is evil. Neuter is insanity.
Female is a balancing act between male and neuter (in the words of Simone de Beauvoir). Everything female tends to neuter; the female being held in balance by the male.

The whole force of life is towards completion: Growing up. As opposed by an opposite force to grow back down. Which Freud called the castration complex. You start as an infant aware only of your own needs: Everything outside of you is a blur. As you mature, you become aware of the reality of the outside world and want to join in. As opposed by a tendency to hold back and think the pre-formed self is perfect.

Growing up is like putting a satellite into orbit against the gravitational pull of selfishness. The male tends to overshoot and go wild. The female tends to plop back to Number One. Men and women are kept in orbit by their influence on each other; which stops men from going wild and women from regressing into neuters.

Men are kept sane by asserting their requirements over the female. Women are kept sane by going along with men. Men stay sane by dominating women. Women stay sane by submitting to men. (Very crudely speaking.) Intelligence is always male over female. Form over function. Men experience intelligence when leading the female. Women experience intelligence when accepting male leadership. Men assert intelligence; women submit to intelligence. Assertive men are intelligent. Assertive women are stupid. Complaissant women are intelligent. Complaissant men are stupid.

As I keep remarking: All-out effort~athletics, education, frontline employment~is good for men but bad for women. It has a masculinising effect, turning a boy into a man, but a girl into a female eunuch.

Sauce for the goose can be poison for the gander.

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Dianna said...

I don't see why you come to this conclusion. The logical conclusion from your observations are that men are totally superfluious and have done nothing but oppress and sadistically inflict suffering since the beginnings of Western Civilization. Only when we abolish the Y chromosome will we have world peace, a well-educated population and stable families not consistently destroyed by heterosexual men's sexual violence.

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